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The Aztec Chamber of Commerce is here for you!  How?

Most of you know that a new board was elected to the Aztec Chamber of Commerce for 2014 - 2015. The synergy and energy is electrifying and it’s all on your behalf!

Since the election of the new board, members have identified its strategic plan and have also outlined work to do for you as members of the Aztec Chamber of Commerce. The board also walked away with its new vision statement: To be the recognized and trusted voice for business in Aztec, NM!

Yes, that’s us working for you!

As a reminder, the Chamber is not part of the City and we do not receive funding from the City of Aztec. The work we do and its support is based solely on your chamber membership dues and the Chamber’s fundraising events. We feel it is important for you to know that as our role is to be your voice in so many levels. The newest one is to be your voice legislatively and to come before local and state government as needed on your behalf.

So where are we now? Here are two very important upcoming Initiatives where your voice and support can make a difference to help us move forward for you and for continued growth in the business community.

Initiative #1: Frontier Community Project

We are excited to announce that the City of Aztec will be applying for assistance to implement a project to revitalize a part of our community. But your feedback for the selection of this project is important. What should we do next to revitalize our community? Revitalizing our town brings with it so many opportunities for economic growth. The empty stores can once again thrive with new businesses, more travelers will stop in town to enjoy our restaurants and shops, more people will want to move here and make Aztec their home.

The New Mexico Main Street Program has invited Aztec to apply for their "Frontier Communities Initiative". This program is only available to towns with populations of under 7500. Through this program Aztec can utilize the expertise of professionals in the areas of building revitalization, marketing, historic preservation and new business development.

In order to be designated as a "Frontier Community" the City, with your help, has to come up with ONE HIGH QUALITY PROJECT that will have a positive impact on our local community and will enhance our economic development.

Every Aztec Community Member is invited to attend this meeting and present your creative ideas. For those interested in learning more about the project, the process and the impact, attend the Frontier Communities Project meeting at Crash Music, 104 N Main Ave. in downtown Aztec at 6 pm (Historic Aztec Theater). The meeting is open to the public. Info: City of Aztec—334-7600.

Initiative #2: Chip Credit Card Technology for Credit & Debit Card Payments

Get ready for the nationwide switch to chip cards!

Soon we will have to change how we pay and get paid with credit and debit cards. The United States is the last major market where people primarily use magnetic-stripe cards. The new standard of operation is called EMV – developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa. EMV is a more secure way of paying as every customer’s card will soon have its own embedded microchip.

•               The US had the most card fraud in the world over the past 5 years

•               US card fraud losses soared over 5 billion, up to 14.5% over one year

•               Traditional credit cards (the strip) have static data and can be easily cloned

•               Chip cards use a different encryption for every sale, making sales more secure

Starting October 2015, switching to a chip card reader can reduce liability for certain cases of fraud. Are you ready?

With EMV deadlines approaching, merchants, acquirers, issuers and consumers are all going to be affected as new merchant terminals and messaging protocols must be implemented, and customers need to be educated about what EMV will mean for them. As these new standards come into play, EMV mandates and deadlines are quickly approaching, although banks and merchants tend to believe they have more time. In order for EMV to be successfully adopted, every player must do their part and be prepared for conversion and there are several steps, all along the chain, to best ensure that this happens.

The new credit card chip technology will be a new kind of experience for the customer and for the merchant. We want you to know that that the Aztec Chamber of Commerce is here for you! So, the Chamber will be staging the first workshop on the new chip technology to prepare you for the change. For more information will be available here on our website on the workshop, the new EMV chip technology, and monthly articles (beginning September 2014) on the new payment system, its players, issuers and its consumers.

Remember, visit us at www.aztecchamber.com in the next few weeks to learn more about the upcoming workshop: A Change in Credit Card Technology, An EMV Workshop, presented by the Aztec Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Business Education Luncheons

Are you a business owner or a decision maker in your company or business? Then don't miss the next six Aztec Chamber Business Education Luncheons.

We are excited to share with you that the Aztec Chamber of Commerce is working on your behalf to be your voice, but not just any voice. Our new vision statement wants you to know that the Chamber is at work for you. The Chamber has identified topics that are of interest to you and may help impact your business and offer answers to questions in the areas of financial investments, healthcare, insurance, legal, 4 Corners Economic Progress, and a 2014 Year in Review and 2015 Overview of the City of Aztec.

Aside from the areas of interested listed above, we have invited presenters and experts in their field to provide you with the information you seek. Take a look at this team of professionals waiting to assist you in business

·         When: Thursday, August 21 What: Financial/Investments: “Should I Work With A Financial Advisor & What Happens When I Do?” Who: Financial Advisor, Kris Summers, Edward Jones 

·         When: Thursday, September 18 What: “Economic Overview of the 4Corners” Who: CEO, Raymond Hagerman, 4 Corners Economic Development Inc.

·         When: Thursday, October 16 What: Legal – “Avoiding Common Small Business Legal Pit Falls” Who: Attorney, T. Ryan Lane, PC, Attorney At Law

·         When: Thursday, November 20: What: Healthcare Who: Practice Administrator - Durango & Aztec Urgent Care, Bryan Vincent

·         When: Thursday, December 18 What: 2014 End of Year Report – City of Aztec & 2015 Overview Who: City of Aztec, Mayor, Sally Burbridge

·         When: Thursday, January 15 What: Insurance: “Supplemental Benefits for Employees” Who: Exclusive Agent/Business Owner,Kelly Berhost,  Allstate Insurance

 Chamber "After Hours"

We haven’t forgotten about the importance of networking and the Chamber is planning to offer you that in a huge and fun way. Stay tuned for an email coming your way on the next Chamber “After Hours” opportunity in August and in months to come. You won’t want to miss it!

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